November 1, 2023

Biden Threatens Veto of Israel Aid

Joe Biden has been hammering Congress to supply aid for Israel, and the GOP is giving him what he wants, but Biden does not like the package.

So, the White House is already threatening to veto the aid package as currently written if it makes its way to his desk.

The GOP package would only supply aid to the people of Israel, but Biden and Democrats want it to include Palestinians.

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The bill introduced by Republicans was a stand-alone bill for $14.3 billion, but the Office of Management and Budget is pushing back.

It stated, "But rather than putting forward a package that strengthens American national security in a bipartisan way, the bill fails to meet the urgency of the moment by deepening our divides and severely eroding historic bipartisan support for Israel’s security.

"It inserts partisanship into support for Israel, making our ally a pawn in our politics, at a moment we must stand together. It denies humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations around the world, including Palestinian civilians, which is a moral and strategic imperative."

The funding for the bill would come via the reallocation of some of the funds that were earmarked for the IRS via the Inflation Reduction Act.

The OMB called the reallocation of funds a "new and dangerous precedent,” but most of us would call it common sense.

So far, Johnson has held firm that all spending bills will now be stand-alone legislation, so we have to see if he is able to stand firm on this or ends up buckling if the White House and Democrat-run Senate refuse to push this legislation through.

From the reaction I have seen on social media, it seems like more support this idea than not support it, so Johnson has the people on his side.

Joe is going to have to make a decision… do you want to help Israel, or do you want to play politics?

Johnson appears to be looking out for the American taxpayer as well as our allies, but I cannot say the same about Biden.

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