November 27, 2023

Biden Team in Disarray Over Campaign Messaging

The Biden administration has been trying to sell the idea that Joe Biden’s economic plan is working for average Americans.

He continues to say this even though many bank accounts are just about drained of savings and Americans are now carrying more credit card debt than at any other time in history.

With Americans not listening, the Biden campaign is now aggressively turning to social media to try to counter what they are calling “misinformation” regarding Biden’s economic plan.

At Wit’s End

I would say the final nail in the coffin for Biden was last week when Karine Jean-Pierre tried to tell everyone how cheap it was to have Thanksgiving this year.

For those who shopped over the holiday, I think we all know that message was bogus.

So, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients has started to ring the panic bell, reportedly holding numerous meetings with communications and economic officials trying to figure out how they can counter Biden’s negative polling numbers.

Right now, the camp is divided, with one of them being just trying to tell the American people what they are seeing and living is not a true sign of the economy.

For instance, Treasury Secretary Yellen stated, “I’m aware of that, and I think it’s our job to explain to Americans what President Biden has done to improve the economy.”

Well, exactly what would that be? Economically speaking, right now, everything is worse than when it was when Biden took office.

The plan seems to be to recruit TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram influencers to tell positive economic stories… in other words, make them up to deceive the American people.

People are not stupid, and they can see where their bank accounts are headed, so some moron that is being paid by the Biden campaign to tell a fake story about how Joe’s economy benefitted them is not going to fool anyone.

Sorry, Joe, but that wool is not going over our eyes this time.

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