March 5, 2024

Biden Takes Cheap Shot at Justice Thomas Over Roe v. Wade

As we fully expected, Joe Biden and Democrats will make abortion central to their 2024 campaigns.

To that point, Joe Biden recently stated that he wants to make Roe v. Wade the “law of the land.”

He did so while taking a cheap shot at Justice Thomas, calling him the guy who "likes to spend a lot of time on yachts."

Look in the Mirror, Joe

Biden was discussing the matter with a reporter for The New Yorker when he took his shot.

Biden was asked about the Supreme Court possibly applying the same thought process to the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade to same-sex marriage.

Biden replied, "I think that a couple on the Court would go considerably further, [specifically] the guy who likes to spend a lot of time on yachts."

When the report asked Biden if he was referring to Thomas, he just grinned.

On Roe v. Wade, Biden added, "I’ve never been supportive of, you know, ‘It’s my body, I can do what I want with it.’

“But I have been supportive of the notion that this is probably the most rational allocation of responsibility that all the major religions have signed on and debated over the last thousand years.”

He also stressed the importance of Democrats winning back the House so he could codify Roe v. Wade and make it the “law of the land.”

This is pretty big talk from a guy who stays in multi-million dollar estates on the cuff when he goes on vacation.

But it is also worth noting that Biden is a white president attacking a black justice, and the media eats it right up.

Now let’s fast forward to after the election, if Trump wins, and him making a comment event remotely as insulting against Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson as Biden’s was against Thomas (not to mention the glass house aspect of the comment).

We all know how that would go over, and that would actually hold true of any Republican attacking Justice Jackson.

Anyone who thought this election cycle was going to be a breeze better dig in because Democrats and the mainstream media are just now starting to throw darts.

This is going to be an ugly fight right through to election day, so Trump better start making some friends with DeSantis and Haley supporters and he better do it soon.

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