December 15, 2023

Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Not Registering with Gen Z Voters

Ever since it was ruled that Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan was beyond the emergency powers that Biden has been leaning on, he has circumvented the Constitution to find other ways to wipe out student loan debt.

When Biden announced the plan, it was widely considered to be a bribe to get younger voters behind him and Democrats.

To an extent, it worked at first, but when the overall plan failed, and Biden started doing this in a piecemeal fashion, his effort fell flat with Gen Z voters.

Not Feeling It

Gen Z, if you are curious, would be those voters born after 1997, the real target of Biden’s plan.

So far, Biden has managed to hit taxpayers with $127 billion in student loan debt.

Now, if you are like me and repaid your student loans in full, you feel as though it is unfair that the American taxpayer is forced to pay for loans that someone else took out, with Joe Biden and company calling it unfair that this generation was forced to be responsible and pay back the money they took.

In recent polling, it turns out that Gen Z is not feeling all that good about it if they have not received the forgiveness.

One big part of the issue is that the messaging from the administration has fallen flat, so many of these voters do not even realize the limited forgiveness is happening, with 42% saying they have not heard much about it.

Another 43% believe that Joe Biden is doing too little to help them.

Biden is getting crushed in polling right now, and some of that surely had to do with a generational demographic that was completely behind him and is now abandoning him.

Trump is now ahead of Biden nationally as well as in the seven swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The Trump team is feeling strong, but I would warn everyone there are some landmines out there that could blow up Trump’s campaign, being student loans, abortion, and if Trump is convicted of a felony.

Democrats have been quiet about all three issues heading into the primary, but they will actively push the first two, and if Trump gets convicted of a felony, that one will take care of itself, with polling suggesting that Trump would lose roughly half his support.

Point being, don’t get comfortable if you think we have this election in the bag because a lot can happen in 11 months.

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