March 28, 2024

Biden Staffer Resigns Over 'Genocide' in Gaza

The Biden administration has been rocked by yet another surprise resignation.

On Wednesday, Annelle Sheline, a former foreign affairs officer in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, resigned.

This is yet another staffer who is leaving due to the Israel-Hamas war.

Like those who have left before Sheline, she resigned because she did not support Israel’s offensive in Gaza.

Going, Going, Gone

I know this is a Democrat administration and Democrats seemingly despise Israel these days, but I am still shocked how many staffers in this administration do not align with our ally in this case.

When Sheline announced her resignation, she stated that she was "unable to serve an administration that enables such atrocities” in Gaza.

Her resignation statement continued, "Israel is still planning to invade Rafah, where the majority of people in Gaza have fled; UN officials have described the carnage that is expected to ensue as 'beyond imagination.'

"In the West Bank, armed settlers and Israeli soldiers have killed Palestinians, including US citizens. These actions, which experts on genocide have testified meet the crime of genocide, are conducted with the diplomatic and military support of the US government."

She further stated, "Whatever credibility the United States had as an advocate for human rights has almost entirely vanished since the war began."

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but Israel was abiding by the cease-fire until Hamas invaded Israel, killing innocents, then kidnapping Israeli citizens, killing some, torturing others, and raping women.

This is not up for debate, yet we don’t seem to see the same outrage directed at Hamas as we do at Israel by Democrats.

Joe Biden stated from day one that he wanted to have a diverse administration, but who knew that would include terrorist sympathizers?

As I have stated before, if Palestine wanted Israel outside of its border, it would help Israel root out and destroy Hamas, but that is not happening.

When the White House was asked about Sheline’s resignation, it tried to brush it under the rug, stating, "She was a fellow at the State Department and, in my understanding, had just finished the first year of a fellowship that could have gone for two years and did not exercise her option to return for a second year as a fellow.”

The statement continued, "There is a broad diversity of views inside the State Department about our policy with respect to Gaza just as there is a broad diversity in the State Department about our policy in a number of important foreign policy issues.

“As there is a broad diversity of views and opinions throughout American society about this issue and others."

This is not genocide, it is war, against an enemy that hides among civilians.

If you look at the historical numbers of wars, the ratio in Gaza is in line with other wars, so this claim that they are blatantly killing Gaza citizens is bogus.

Let’s not forget here that Palestine leadership gave Hamas Gaza to rule, handing over the entire area to a terrorist organization.

Some might say that makes Palestine a terror state… and it would be hard to argue against that stance.

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