November 26, 2023

Biden Runs But Can't Hide From Pro-Palestine Protestors

Joe Biden and Jill Biden can run.

But they can't hide.

Actually, at Joe Biden's advanced age, I might be a little bit surprised if the old man could actually run at all at this point.

We're just talking hypotheticals here, so hopefully our president isn't actually going to get hurt, but you never know.

Joe and Jill were out for an evening stroll in Nantucket, where Biden "normally finds reprieve from the demands of running the country, but pro-Palestinian protesters managed to track him down and remain a reminder of the troubles waiting for him," according to Fox News.

The protestors were apparently shouting "Free Palestine" and "Biden, Biden, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!"

Before you think that Biden doesn't deserve this criticism for showing a little bit of compassion toward Israel, you should consider this:

This is EXACTLY what Biden deserves.

He doesn't deserve criticism for being on the correct side of the Hamas/Israel war, but he does deserve criticism for making his voter base the type of sickos who can't distinguish between a world ally and a literal terrorist organization.

By pandering to these types of people for literally years in an effort to further his own political career, Joe Biden has set a precedent:

He's going to give these lunatics what they want.

Whether it is government handouts, free access to our country while circumventing the border, or making deals that will benefit the Democrat elite only, Biden has conditioned his supporters to expect that their racist, lazy demands be met.

This group of people is NOT right for criticizing Biden about supporting Israel.

That doesn't make Biden correct in a broader sense, though, he's the bozo that set the expectations for these people.

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