Ryan E.
May 7, 2023

Biden Refusing To Negotiate

Joe Biden is REFUSING to negotiate over his budget or the debt ceiling in America.

His reasoning is shocking.

He's claiming the two aren't related.

I think most people with common sense in America would immediately disagree.

Our debt ceiling is perhaps the most important part of the budget. If America actually stuck to a budget, the debt ceiling wouldn't even be needed.

This is just more proof that liberals have absolutely zero idea how economics work.

Printing more money absolutely decreases the value of the dollar, something we learned the hard way immediately after COVID.

No that the debt ceiling has become an issue, Joe Biden is pretending that his inability to produce a competent budget has zero impact on what Congress should do about our debt ceiling.

Maybe Republicans don't want to raise the ceiling anymore because that would give Biden the freedom to do whatever he wants, unchecked.

Biden is fighting back. He's refusing to negotiate because he's got this absurd idea that the debt ceiling and his budget aren't related at all.

"The idea someone, for the first time, is saying, unless you pass this ridiculous budget I have — which is the way I would characterize what the Republican MAGA budget is — unless you pass this budget, we’re not going to increase the debt limit and we’re going to go bankrupt, we’re going to — the United States of America is going to renege for the first time in history on its debt. And you just can’t — no one’s ever tied them together before. I’ve said to the Republican leader, here’s the deal: Take the debt limit, pass it like you did three times when Trump was president, and he increased the whole national debt for 200 years by 40%," Biden said.

He's either confused, or lying.

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