G. McConway
November 11, 2022

Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Program Halted

The big giveaway has finally been halted in a circuit that is overseen by Justice Samuel Alito.

That does not bode well for Joe Biden.

A Texas federal judge halted the program in a Thursday night ruling, slamming the brakes on the program that arguably boosted Democrats in the midterm elections.

Buying Those Votes

When the student loan program went into effect, I accused this administration of buying votes.

The numbers do not lie.

The young demographic that would have benefitted most from this program showed up in droves for Democrats.

Now they are all about to be disappointed.

US District Judge Mark Pittman, a Donald Trump appointee, declared the program unconstitutional.

He stated, "Whether the Program constitutes good public policy is not the role of this Court to determine.

"Still, no one can plausibly deny that it is either one of the largest delegations of legislative power to the executive branch, or one of the largest exercises of legislative power without congressional authority in the history of the
United States."

Twice now cases have come before Justice Amy Coney Barrett, another Trump appointee, but she has waved them through.

If this case goes for SCOTUS review, it will become before Justice Alito, and I can guarantee you he will not be so kind.

Pittman continued, "In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone. Instead, we are ruled by a Constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government…The Court is not blind to the current political division in our country.

"But it is fundamental to the survival of our Republic that the separation of powers as outlined in our Constitution be preserved.

"And having interpreted the HEROES Act, the Court holds that it does not provide 'clear congressional authorization' for the Program proposed by the Secretary."

I have taken the position all along that I thought this program was unconstitutional from the outset, with Biden overreaching significantly on the powers of the office.

Now we are going to find out.

Source: Fox News

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