G. McConway
September 12, 2023

Biden Poll Numbers Setting Off Alarms for Democrats

As most of you know, Joe Biden has been underwater in polling since Afghanistan.

Recently, Biden and his surrogates have been trying to hammer home the point that Bidenomics is working, although most of our bank accounts say the complete opposite.

That barnstorming tour failed, with Biden now sitting an approval rating of a dismal 38% to a disapproval rating of 55%, reported Breitbart.

Biden by the Numbers

Relatively speaking, if your in-party number is not above 90%, you are in real trouble.

Biden's approval rating among Democrats is now sitting at 79%, which is time to fire up the defibrillator and get that heart started again.

Remember all those Republicans who loved Biden because he removed the bad orange man from office?

Well, Biden now has a 92% disapproval number among Republicans and a 69% disapproval among independents.

Biden's economic numbers are worse than his approval rating if you can believe that, with 35% approval overall.

A whopping 50% believe that Biden has weakened the United States' position in the world. Yet, he is still in a virtual tie with Trump for the general election, which means about half this country would still vote for Biden rather than Trump.

Democrats are now panicking, some believing that Biden could cost them down-ballot votes due to the lack of interest in voting for him.

And believe me, answering a phone poll is far different from waiting in line to cast a ballot, so these numbers would be wildly off in terms of people actually pulling the handle on election day.

Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) stated, "If you use the term, 'Bidenomics,' but somebody can't afford their groceries, then they're like, 'Yeah, Bidenomics isn't working for me.'"

Democrats are in real trouble here, again. We saw this in 2020, but we lost the general election.

We saw it again in 2022, and while we took back the House, we lost the Senate outright and did not win key races in either chamber.

So, once again, we are presented with an amazing opportunity, but will party leaders get it figured out and be able to take advantage of it?

With the same people in place as have been for the last two elections, let me just say my confidence level is not exactly high.

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