G. McConway
August 18, 2023

Biden Makes Questionable Comments to Children… Again

Creepy Joe is back and in a big way.

By now, Biden has to know the reputation he has around children, so it is just baffling that he keeps saying things like this.

Once again, the bait was thrown out there about ice cream, and conservatives lit him up like a Christmas tree after he said it, reported Breitbart.

Want Some Ice Cream?

Even writing those words makes me feel like a creep, but that is not apparently the case for Joe when he says them.

Biden was at the White House talking about the Inflation Reduction Act that does nothing to actually help inflation.

Before Biden even started his address, he got the bright idea to send a message directly to the children.

He stated, "I wanna say one thing to your children. I know some really great ice cream places around here and daddy owes you, so talk to me afterwards."

I mean, that is creepy, right? Who says that? Especially when people are already talking about Joe being a pedophile? Why is someone in his camp not warning him against making stupid comments like this?

After teasing the kids, Biden started to sell Bidenomics, saying, "The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal initially called my plan 'Bidenomics.' I'm not sure they meant in a totally complimentary way the time, but guess what, it's working."

Actually, Joe, no it's not. Your financial plan has been a disaster for most Americans, and recent polling shows it, with Biden considerably underwater on the economy.

We have to get this clown out of the White House next November. If we don't, I cannot imagine how long it will be before our bank accounts recover from this atrocity.

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