G. McConway
November 25, 2022

Biden Holiday Message Falls Flat with Republicans

The Biden administration has a great idea on how to liven up Thanksgiving this year.

They put together a talking points sheet with Biden's "achievements."

They want you to pick a fight with "that uncle" who is a conservative.

Nice Suggestion

Before we get to the list, consider that the Biden administration is suggesting liberal family members pick a fight with conservative family members on a holiday.

That is the mentality of these people.

Now to the list, which several Biden administration officials, including Chief of Staff Ron Klain sent out…

Now, I have already reported this as misinformation and included the PolitiFact link regarding the 10 million job creation, which we all know is just complete nonsense.

Most of that list is nonsense, though.

For instance, he is touting lowering gasoline prices, but they are still almost double what they were when Biden took office.

They tout lowering prices of goods, but that is also nonsense.

You do not get credit for prices still being higher than they were when you took office but lower than they were at the apex of the shortages.

This, of course, does not even mention the fact that we have a massive recession just waiting to break out and are quickly coming upon a diesel fuel shortage, which will bring everything to a grinding halt.

The rest of that list is twisting narratives and facts to make it look like Biden accomplished something, but all of our bank accounts tell the real story.

If you are like me, your accounts have been going in the wrong direction for the better part of a year and you are now paying double for the same electricity that you were paying when Biden first came into office.

Any liberal that throws that list up at the table better hope their "uncle" is not educated on the facts, because they are going to look like a fool if he is.

Source: Daily Caller

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