G. McConway
December 22, 2022

Biden Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Dead’

Ever since Joe Biden took office, he has been on a quest to revive the Iran nuclear deal.

This was the JCPOA nuclear deal that came to be under the Obama administration that was eventually ended by Donald Trump.

We have not heard anything about the deal for months, and now we know why.

It's dead.

No Announcement

On November 4, Biden was being questioned by activists when someone had the video rolling.

The video, attributed to someone named Damon Maghsoudi, has Biden telling the activists that the deal is dead, but they are not going to announce it.

The woman asks, "President Biden, could you please announce that JCPOA is dead? Can you just announce that?"

At first, Biden just responds, "No," but then he gets pressed.

He continues, "No. A lot of reasons. It is dead, but we are not going to announce it — long story. We're going to make sure —."

The woman shoots back, "We just don't want any deals with the mullahs. No deals. They don't represent us. They are not our government."

To which Biden responded, "They'll have a nuclear weapon they'll represent."

Ironically, on Friday, the White House was being drilled about the deal and any movement that has been made.

Deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel stated, "We have been clear also that the JCPOA is not our focus right now, and we candidly remain very skeptical of anything coming out of Tehran on this issue, whether it be issues relating to the IAEA or other things."

An NSC spokesperson told Fox News, "We don't see a deal coming together anytime soon. Iran is killing its young people and selling UAVs to Russia to kill Ukrainians.  Our focus is on practical ways to confront them in these areas.

"Regardless of the nuclear talks, we will continue to confront Iran's behavior in the region, protect our troops, including with military forces when necessary, and support the brave Iranian people demanding their basic rights and dignity – which this regime has long denied them."

This is bad news for Biden, as he wanted this to be part of his legacy, but it is great news for conservatives who wanted nothing to do with the deal.

Prior to this deal falling apart, Iran was dictating the terms and we were being asked to concede far too much to make the deal happen. Israel was also against any deal being made.

As usual, however, we have an administration that is not being completely transparent with the American people. God forbid they actually tell us the truth for once.

Source: Fox News

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