G. McConway
September 1, 2023

Biden Poll Number Collapsing

Let me tell you something, folks… when the liberal media starts putting out headlines about Joe Biden’s negative poll numbers, you know he is in trouble.

Mainstream media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are now covering this, but so are outlets like The Guardian and The Economist.

In fact, on Thursday, The Economist did a significant piece called “Joe Biden’s re-election bid is in trouble.”

Joe’s in Trouble

Do you want to know why Trump is on trial and why his trials are all backed up during the primary season?

It is because Merrick Garland and a bunch of corrupt Democrat judges fear that Biden will go down in flames.

The Democrat Party has two strategies right now.

The first is to hope that Trump is convicted on charges that would activate the 14th Amendment to ensure that Trump would no longer be eligible for office.

For this to work, they need that to happen as close as possible to the general election.

Second, they are hoping people will vote against Donald Trump rather than vote for Joe Biden.

Why are they employing these strategies? Because nobody likes Joe Biden!

The latest AP-NORC Center poll showed that 77 percent of all Americans believe that Joe Biden is too old to run for office. That includes 69 percent of Democrats, which is a HUGE number.

What do people think of when they think of Joe Biden?

Well, 26 percent said they think of his age, and 15 percent said they think he is slow and confused… those are big numbers.

I still question whether Trump can beat Biden in a general election due to the number of people he has pissed off.

Having said that, if he beats all these charges, you better believe people are going to rally around him and utterly destroy the Democrat Party in the 2024 election.

I realize that is a BIG IF considering the judges and jury pool in these cases, but this entire mess could backfire in the worst possible way for Democrats.

Joe Biden is not going to suddenly get better, so these leftist outlets are very right to be concerned right now.

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