G. McConway
July 11, 2023

Biden Breaks Royal Protocols During Meeting with King Charles

There is nothing more exciting than seeing two doting old fools who think far more of themselves than anyone else.

That is the only way I can think to describe the video of Joe Biden meeting King Charles during his trip to the UK this week.

Biden only needed about 10 minutes of time to create several controversies.

Oh, Joe

In case you have not figured this out yet, I am not a fan of the British Crown.

The amount of money that is wasted to put on this show for what amounts to be a puppet is utterly shameful.

Regardless, Joe met Chuck and things got off to a rough start right out of the gate. As Biden was received by King Chuck, he appeared to lose his balance just a bit, which is perhaps why he broke protocol and grabbed onto Chuckie’s arm, reports the New York Post.

You can see the shock on King Chuck’s face that Biden dared to enter his personal space without this permission…

What was funny about the incident is that while protocols for such a meeting are laid out, both the Crown and the mainstream media rushed to cover for Biden, such as Vanity Fair’s headline, “President Biden Didn’t Break Royal Protocol by Touching King Charles.”

Charles also had Biden review the troops, a decision I am sure he regretted as soon as it started.

In again what appeared to be a breach of protocol, Biden walked in front of King Chuck, but again, everyone says that was just fine.

Biden and his stiff gait reviewed the troops with King Chuck walking aimlessly behind Biden, hoping to speed this along as quickly as possible, but Joe being Joe, he had to stop and chat with a soldier, more than likely to tell him some made-up story about God only knows what.

As I have said many times before… I just don’t know how anyone can watch that video of Biden and tell me the man is fit for office.

As mentioned above, the most noticeable issue for Biden is his stiff gait, which can be a warning sign of some very serious health problems to come. Biden’s doctor, however, has tried to link it to Biden’s broken foot that he suffered in 2020.

To put this in its simplest terms, Joe Biden is a hot mess.

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