October 14, 2023

Biden Barely Beats Trump In Fox News Poll, Loses To Nikki Haley

The latest poll has Joe Biden pulling off a shocking win against Donald Trump.

By one point.

Biden FINALLY wins a poll, and that's the best that he can do? I don't think that's good enough to actually beat Trump when the time comes.

Do you know who Joe Biden is DEFINITELY not beating?

Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley.

The recent poll, put on by Fox, shows Joe Biden beating Donald Trump by a score of 49% to 48%.

According to the same poll, Joe Biden would lose a head-to-head matchup against either DeSantis of Florida or Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

This is interesting, because the same poll showed that Trump was the overwhelming favorite to win the Republican nomination.

More people support Trump than support Haley or DeSantis.

But when these Republicans aren't competing against other Republicans but are actually being put up against Biden, Trump doesn't fare as well as the other two.

DeSantis edges out Biden by a score of 49% to 47%.

Haley scores the biggest win against Biden in the poll, beating Dirty Old Joe by a score of 49% to 45%.

It's no surprise that Trump doesn't do as well as other Republicans in a general election poll.

Trump is CLEARLY the most popular Republican amongst Republican voters.

However, when you factor in independents and liberals who just might vote red in 2024, Trump doesn't seem to do as well.

That is because the identity of America's liberal party right now isn't about anything that its members are doing for us, it's all about how scared we should be Donald Trump.

Democrats have been unfairly attacking Trump for years.

DeSantis and Nikki Haley still seem to be reasonably fresh.

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