G. McConway
December 10, 2022

Biden Announces $36 Billion Union Pension Plan Bailout

Yeah, those unions are wonderful, aren't they?

We just had the railroad union almost shut down the country's supply chain because they could not get a contract negotiated that all 12 railway unions could be satisfied with.

Now Joe Biden is writing a check for $36 billion to pump up a union pension plan so pensioners will not face drastic cuts.

After all, it's only taxpayer money, right, Joe?

Monopoly Money

The money that Biden is sending was part of the $1.9 billion American Rescue Plan.

The $36 billion is headed to the Central States Pension Fund, which mostly goes to Teamster union members, which I am sure is run completely on the up and up.

The pension fund was facing cuts of as much as 60 percent unless it received a government bailout.

So, my questions would be, how much money has the Teamster paid its top officials, and how much money has the Teamster union spent lobbying politicians over the years? I cannot help but wonder how much better shape the union would be in had it not been overpaying top officials and loading up political campaigns.

And, if the union is getting taxpayer money, is there any auditing of those salaries and will the union now be blocked from making campaign donations since it needed the money so bad?

I would also like a report on how much money has been stolen from the fund over the years. Now, I realize I may be overstepping my bounds here, but is there any chance that the fine individuals that run the Teamster's Union were involved in some shady deals?

Biden, on the payoff, stated, "Thanks to today's announcement, tens of thousands of union retirees and workers in states like Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri can go to bed tonight knowing their pension they worked so damn hard for is going to be there when they need it."

Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican strategist, stated, "Joe Biden is using taxpayer coffers as his political piggyback to ameliorate his tensions with the Teamsters after failing to fight for the paid sick leave that workers wanted and, quite frankly, deserved."

He is absolutely correct, and I think it is complete nonsense that the American people have to fund a union pension that is supposed to be funded with members' dues. It is not our fault their officials do not know how to balance their own books.

So, now we are not only paying off student loan college debt that is not ours, but we are also paying union dues without belonging to a union.

Thanks, Joe.

Source: Fox News

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