October 17, 2023

Biden Adm. Signed Off on $75M Palestine Aid Package Despite Reports

Ever since Hamas attacked Israel, I have been wondering aloud how they could have possibly pulled this all off without our intelligence agencies picking up any chatter.

As it turned out, there was chatter.

But, just like 9/11, it would appear that the chatter was ignored.

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On October 3, Secretary Blinken approved a $75 million payment to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

This was done despite objections from Republicans who warned that Hamas co-opts the organization to help facilitate its terrorist activities.

This was also done AFTER a September 28 warning from intelligence agencies that should have put the brakes on any aid going to Palestine.

That report stated that Hamas was ready to escalate its attacks against Israel.

Another report was issued on October 5, where the CIA warned that an increase in Hamas activity seemed imminent.

On October 6, American officials “circulated reporting from Israel indicating unusual activity by Hamas.”

On October 7, the attack took place, with a brutal onslaught of missile attacks and a crossing of the border by Hamas to kill or capture anyone they came in contact with, which we now know also included Americans.

Some people have called this Israel’s 9/11, but it was actually 9/11 all over again, right up and through the apparent ignoring of intelligence reports that should have had everyone on edge.

One individual familiar with the information somehow tried to spin this, stating, “The problem is that none of this is new.

“This is something that has historically been the norm between Hamas and Israel. I think what happened is everyone saw these reports and were like, ‘Yeah of course. But we know what this will look like.’”

When then that is complacency and an utter failure to do their jobs and if that is the case, every single one of them should be fired.

The report went on to say that these were just a few of the “high-level warnings” that had been given to the Biden administration from our intelligence agencies as well as our Middle Eastern allies over the last year.

Now, relatively speaking, Hamas had been quiet over the last two years, so the fact this chatter had picked up should have had everyone on high alert, surely not signing off on massive aid packages to send to Palestine to an agency that is more than likely a front for Hamas.

This goes much further. A Middle Eastern diplomat in Washington, DC, spoke with CNN, who compiled this report, stating, “The arms that exist in Gaza is beyond the imagination of anybody’s thinking.

“The arms that exist in the West Bank, via Hamas, are also becoming a real problem and Hamas control of the West Bank is a real issue.

“This is in every meeting, every meeting in the last year and a half.”

Now, keep in mind, that less than two weeks before this attack took place, the National Security Adviser told a panel at the Atlantic Festival that the Middle East front was quieter than it had been in years.

You better believe the finger-pointing is about to begin as this report starts to circulate, and it will circulate since it was first reported on CNN.

This is arguably the second-largest failing of our intelligence community, with the first being the 9/11 attacks.

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