March 8, 2024

Army Intelligence Staffer Arrested for Selling Secrets

It would appear that Joe Biden and his weak administration have done more to hurt this country than was done during the Reagan years with the year of the spy (I will get into that shortly).

Yet another military intelligence staffer has been arrested.

This time, it was an Army intelligence staffer who allegedly stole classified information and sold it to the Chinese.

Year of the Spy 2.0

When the Biden administration is written about in the history books, 2022 just may be dubbed “The Year of the Spy 2.0.”

For you non-history buffs, during the Reagan administration, 1985 was dubbed “The Year of the Spy.”

There were a total of 14 Americans arrested, including the CIA’s Aldrich Ames and the FBI’s Robert Hanssen.

And this does not even include the spies working for America who were arrested and assassinated around the same time by the Russians, which included several very high-ranking Russian military officers.

There are dozens of books written about this period, from various perspectives, and they are all quite interesting.

To be honest, to get the true picture of what was taking place at that time, you need to read them all (I have).

The year 2022 was not quite as dramatic for the Biden administration, but it has proven to be one of the biggest national security issues in terms of spying that we have seen in modern history.

First, Jack Teixeira of the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard was arrested in April 2023.

Now it is Army Intelligence Sergeant Korbein Schultz, who allegedly accepted $42,000 to send military secrets to the Chinese.

The report stated, “The indictment alleges that from June 2022 until the time of his arrest today, Schultz conspired with an individual, identified as Conspirator A, to disclose documents, writings, plans, maps, notes, and photographs relating to national defense as well as information relating to national defense which Schultz had reason to believe could be used to injure the United States or used to the advantage of a foreign nation.”

Among the materials given to the Chinese were U.S. defense of Taiwan, weapons systems, and missile defense systems.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division announced the arrest, stated, “Mr. Schultz, a member of the U.S. Army, stands accused of conspiring to obtain and provide national defense information to an individual overseas. As part of the conspiracy, the defendant provided sensitive government information to his coconspirator in exchange for thousands of dollars, placing personal profit above the security of the American people.

“Today’s arrest shows that such a betrayal does not pay — the Department of Justice is committed to identifying and holding accountable those who would break their oath to protect our nation’s secrets.”

Brigadier General Rhett R. Cox, Commanding General of the Army Counterintelligence Command, added, “Today’s arrest underscores the unwavering commitment of the Army Counterintelligence Command, our partners at the Department of Justice, and the broader intelligence community in safeguarding our Nation’s secrets.

“We cannot tolerate any betrayal of trust, and we remain vigilant in our mission to protect national defense information crucial to our security. We encourage all members of the Army team, past or present, to remain vigilant and report any potential suspicious activity."

After Biden took office and appointed Llyod Austin as the Secretary of Defense, remember the production he orchestrated over seeking out right-wing extremists in the military?

That search came up virtually empty.

Perhaps he should have been searching for spies instead.

I have to say, between the woke agenda, the spies, and Austin’s failure to properly report his hospital stay and transfer of powers, it sure does sound like a great argument to force his resignation.

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