Ryan E.
January 15, 2023

AOC: "Very Concerning Science" Over Gas Stoves

Boy, when even Stephen Colbert is mocking liberals to the nation, you know they've gone crazy.

His target in particular this time?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her friends who created the "science" behind the gas stove hysteria.

AOC threw her hat into the ring on January 11, saying "I do think it’s funny the absolute, utter Republican meltdown where they're like ‘you can take my gas stove from my cold dead hands,’ or, ‘how dare you talk about gas stoves, you have a gas stove.’"

We don't think it's funny. This is real, very real. We saw what liberals have done to gun rights across this great nation. We don't want the same to happen to other things we depend on.

"You will have to pry my gas stove from my cold dead hands," conservative Matt Walsh joked.

Despite AOC saying she's very worried about the "science" behind gas stoves, she uses one herself.

Her twisted explanation consisted of nothing but "meant for thee, not for me."

"First of all, I rent, period. Second of all, it doesn’t even matter. Because, by that logic, these are the same people who would have said we should have never gotten rid of leaded gasoline just because someone may have driven a gasoline car. Science evolves and gives us new knowledge with time. There is very concerning science about some of the emissions from gas stoves, especially around the cognitive development of young children, asthma, cancer, et cetera."

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