June 9, 2024

AOC paying workers less than $12 per hour after demanding $15 minimum wage

America's left has been found participating in its favorite pastime of hypocrisy once again, and this time, it's two of the biggest names on the left who have been caught red-handed:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden.

These clowns have been huge advocates of repeatedly raising the minimum wage in America. They're simply trying to buy votes and don't care about the economic impact that such a move would have.

Just look at California, where the outrageous minimum wage has now made it so that most people can't even afford fast food in the liberal paradise.

Still, AOC and Biden are pandering toward the minimum wage class in America by promising to increase their income without addressing the problems it would case.

We've learned that AOC and Biden have no problem doing that, because they don't plan on actually dealing with the problems that a $15 minimum wage would cause.

Now, we have definitive proof of that, and we only have to look at what AOC and Joe are calling the "climate crisis."

They claim that this is the issue that's going to cause the world's demise, but guess how much Biden's taxpayer-funded American Climate Corp (ACC) pays?

According to Just the News, it's LESS than $12 per hour.

You don't have to be a mathematician to figure out that's less than $15 per hour.

Biden has justified this by saying that the people there are working for "more than a paycheck. It's about dignity."

It's not, Joe, and you know it.

The fact of the matter here is that liberals don't want to abide by the rules they are putting forward, but they expect conservatives to.

It really isn't surprising that so many Americans completely distrust our government in 2024, and actions like this are going to make sure it stays that way until the liberals are removed from power.

To read more information about the details of this story, please consider clicking on the link to the original source here.

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