March 25, 2024

AOC Constituents Spill the Beans on Democrat Representative

This new breed of politician in our country is more interested in making a splash on TV and social media rather than doing their job.

As an example, I give you Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Once again, her constituents are complaining that she is never at her office and they rarely see her in their district.

Where Is AOC?

“Fox & Friends” recently sent a reporter to AOC’s district to see how her constituents feel about her today.

The feedback was not good for AOC’s future.

One voter stated, “She is never here. I was a volunteer for her. She completely abandoned our community.”

Another complained, “We would ask her to do her job of taking care of this neighborhood, to do a better job.

Yet another stated, “She should come and walk around here and see all, see everything. All the garbage, all the people getting robbed during the daytime and the nighttime.”

When a resident was asked about the rise in crime, they responded, “Crime? Yeah, more crime. There’s more crime going on. Robberies, a lot of crackheads.”

A local store owner stated, “Brick-and-mortar businesses are suffering a lot. We have a lot of closed doors, a lot of businesses that are just closing every single day because they can’t compete with the prices that the street vendors outside are, are giving everyone.”

You know how you solve this? You remove her from office during an election.

The frustrating thing about all this is that AOC will probably win her next election because there is so much money from outside her district coming into play in this race.

The people who sit home and only read the headlines think she is just some great social justice and clean energy advocate who is doing amazing things.

Meanwhile, many of her constituents are suffering, only there are not enough of them to remove her from office.

This is exactly why I would love to see election laws put in place that House candidates cannot raise money outside of their district and Senate candidates cannot raise money outside of their states.

We also need to end all SuperPACs.

And while we are at it, let’s get rid of the lobbyist industry too because they are buying politicians left and right, and that would include presidential candidates.

You do that, and you better believe politicians will start working for the people they represent again rather than the fat corporations stuffing their campaigns with cash.

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