Ryan E.
July 22, 2023

Americans Are $4,000 Poorer With 'Bidenomics'

There's a dirty little secret about Joe Biden's "Bidenomics" plan that liberals DO NOT want you to realize:

Despite Democrats constantly singing the praises of the policies, the average American family is down about $4,000 per year under Dirty Old Joe.

Financial writer Stephen Moore recently explained on Newsmax that "the average American family is $4,000 poorer under President Joe Biden's economic policies than during former President Donald Trump's administration." He said:

What really worries me is more on the consumer side.

"We're going to see a report coming out very soon that shows, for the first time in American history, that consumer debt on credit cards will be over $1 trillion," Moore claimed. "That's about a 30% increase in just two years."

Forbes editor-in-chief Steve Forbes was also on the panel:

"He's going to run on Bidenomics to some extent," Forbes said. He went on:

I mean, you have to run on the economy to some extent, because it's such a big thing. It's everybody's story.

"How does that work for him when he pretends the economy was a wreck when he took office, which I think most people realize is not true?" Forbes asked. "And you try to say, Well, things are getting better now and say it is the Republicans' fault for any pain you feel. It's not going to work. People see through it. That's why Biden's ratings, in terms of economic performance, are in the proverbial toilet." He continued:

When you have a whole generation of companies where you can get money free, companies can get in trouble, can still get loans to get them through. You also have countries that borrowed a lot. It was wonderful; politicians loved it. They could spend and the cost of financing that debt went down.

"So that is what distorted the credit markets. And now we have to, as I say, sort the thing through," Forbes concluded. "It's a mess."

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