G. McConway
August 7, 2023

RFK Makes Trump-like Allegations Against Big Tech

Well, how about that…

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat primary candidate, is making some very serious allegations against Google and YouTube.

In fact, Kennedy has filed a suit that claims he has been censored by the outlets, reported Bloomberg Law News.


This is a suit that sounds far more like something Donald Trump would do rather than a Democrat, but Kennedy is no normal Democrat, and that is the key to his entire report.

Kennedy may be a Democrat, and he has the legendary family name, but he is an establishment outsider. And when you are an establishment outsider, you get treated like Donald Trump, regardless of the letter after your name.

Like Trump, Kennedy would have no problem calling out officials within his own party, and now he is trying to expose one of the Democrats’ biggest allies… Big Tech.

Kennedy is suing Google and YouTube, claiming the outlets are censoring him and removing his speeches because they do not like what he is saying.

His videos were taken down for “‘medical misinformation’ policies,” but exactly what is the correct information these days regarding the vaccine and COVID? I think the recent studies and rash of deaths of young athletes prove that there are still some pretty big question marks out there.

José Castañeda, a Google spokesperson, responded to the suite.

He told Rolling Stone Magazine, “YouTube applies its Community Guidelines independently, transparently, and consistently, regardless of political viewpoint.

“These claims are meritless and we look forward to refuting them.”

So, there are videos of Joe Biden saying that if you get the shot, you cannot get COVID, but someone asking real questions that need to be answered is censored? I would say the complete opposite of what Google is claiming is true.

You should really read the report on Rolling Stone, however, to see just how slanted this is. The outlet characterizes Kennedy’s opinion and beliefs as “conspiracy” right from the start of the report with a sub-header that reads, “The Republican-funded Democrat claims that the private companies should let him push vaccine conspiracy theories.”

Well, I have news for you… according to a Supreme Court decision by former Justice William Rehnquist, the idea that a false opinion exists is simply not true, and that opinion is protected by the First Amendment, regardless of how liberals, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, and yes, even Big Tech, feel about it.

You just know that Kennedy’s suit has Trump grinning from ear to ear right now, surely hoping that he is successful.

If he is, it could mean a slew of Trump content that has been removed from the platform will have to be restored, and that would be devastating for Joe Biden and Democrats.

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