April 8, 2024

Alan Dershowitz Says Jack Smith Using ‘Intimidation’ Tactics Against Trump Judge

Judge Aileen Cannon, who was appointed to the bench by Donald Trump, has been getting torched by Special Counsel Jack Smith, Democrats, and liberal talking heads since the start of the Trump classified documents case.

Cannon has made several rulings that have been overturned on appeal, which has led to obvious frustration for Special Counsel Jack Smith.

In his latest filing, Smith went nuclear on Cannon, which Alan Dershowitz and Gregg Jarrett say are “intimidation tactics” against the Trump-appointed judge.

Intimidating the Judge

The judges assigned to virtually every Trump indictment have been allowing prosecuting attorneys to steamroll Trump.

While Judge McAfee has been somewhat fair to Trump, Trump has still suffered some significant defeats in the courtroom.

Judges Merchan, Engoron, Kaplan, and Chutkan have obliterated Trump at every chance.

That leaves us with Judge Cannon, who has ruled against Trump on several motions, but she has been far more receptive to Trump’s motions than any of the above judges mentioned.

Smith would appear to be on the brink of filing for the recusal of Cannon, all but saying that in his last motion, which demanded Cannon make a final judgment regarding the dismissal of the charges against him.

Cannon dismissed the motion, but she left the door open for Trump to file again for the case to be dismissed via the Presidential Records Act.

Her ruling sent Smith over the edge, which is what got under the skin of Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz and Jarrett, a Fox News contributor, both commented on the wording of Smith’s filing.

Jarrett stated, “He has railroaded defendants only to be chastised and reversed and now he’s pulling the same intimidation tactics with Judge Cannon.

“He demanded she accept his version of proposed jury instructions excluding Trump’s main defense, the presidential records act and he went so far as to trying to have her kicked off the case if she didn’t capitulate.”

He continued, “Correctly, she told him to stuff it because jury instructions, they are never finalized until the evidence and testimony is introduced.

“My goodness, if I had made that dumb demand of a judge in the cases I’ve tried, the judge would tell me to stand on the corner with a dunce cap because a judge can’t possibly know how to instruct the jury until all evidence is presented.

“I think Cannon has been tolerant of Smith’s contentious abusive attitude whereas other judges would have held him in contempt for his insubordinate arrogance.”

Dershowitz piled on, stating, “What Jack Smith is terrified about, is he might actually have a fair trial in Florida.

“He knows he’s not going to have a fair trial in Washington D.C., 95% of the voters hate Donald Trump, he knows there’s not going to be a fair trial in Georgia, certainly not in New York and he’s terrified that this judge in a fair county in Florida might actually give Donald Trump his rights to a fair trial, so he’s doing everything to provoke the judge, possibly make a motion to recuse.”

Dershowitz went on to say that while Trump is being accused of trying to slow this case down, which he is, Smith is trying to speed the case up, which he definitely is.

The problem for Smith is that Trump’s defense team is abiding by the rules, using every tool available to them in order to challenge the indictment.

This is how the legal game is played, and everyone knows it.

Smith, however, is looking to circumvent certain appellate avenues for Trump, sometimes hoping to jump directly to the Supreme Court before Trump even has the opportunity to go through the appeals process.

Make no mistake about it… Trump wants to delay these cases until after the election, but his legal team is following the law in doing so.

Dershowitz is 100% right in his narrative that Smith is the one trying to circumvent the law here, doing so in the hopes of getting a conviction before the election to derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

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