Ryan E.
August 26, 2023

Aircraft Violates Joe Biden's Airspace

Joe Biden just had the most important part of his presidency ruined:

His vacation.

When you're over 80 years old, you can't be working too hard. That's why Biden has constantly been on vacation since 2021.

That, and the fact that his family has been accused of so much corruption that he doesn't want to have to be in front of the public for any longer than he has to.

Any time that Biden spends in front of America is just another chance for the citizenry to figure out the truth about him: that he isn't an innocent old grandpa at all.

Instead, the truth is that Biden is a career criminal who has been swindling America for decades and is just now finally starting to slip as his dementia takes hold.

It remains to be seen if Joe's body or mind will give out first, but neither appear to be ready to last until January of 2025.

Joe Biden's advanced age means that he really needs his peace and quiet, but apparently some aircraft recently declined to allow him that privilege.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) scrambled fighter jets on Aug. 25 after aircraft were discovered too close to Biden's location.

Air space around Lake Tahoe in Nevada has been closed lately while Hunter and Joe Biden hide away there, and some pranksters recently got too close.

"Two NORAD F-16 fighter aircraft and a U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin responded to a civilian aircraft that violated a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) area near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, this morning," NORAD said.

"During this event, the fighter aircraft dispensed flares — that may have been visible to the public — to gain attention from the pilot. Flares were employed with the highest regard for the safety of the intercepted aircraft and people on the ground," NORAD continued.

"The situation was resolved without incident and with no impact to the President," the White House said.

Good. Joe can get back to napping.

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