G. McConway
January 4, 2024

Adams Says NYC at Breaking Point with Migrant Surge

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is having a hissy fit about the surge of migrants that he is seeing in New York City, to the point he believes that the city is at its “breaking point.”

He is trying to point the finger at Texas Governor Greg Abbott, but this is a problem that is on Joe Biden.

And the Obama administration is not going to get off the hook on his one either.

Breaking Point

Recently addressing the NYC migrant crisis, NYC Mayor Eric Adams stated, "For many months, we were able to keep the visualization of this crisis from hitting our streets, but we have reached a breaking point and can no longer do that.

"New York City has begun to see another surge of migrants arriving, and we expect this to intensify over the coming days as a result of Texas Gov. Abbott’s cruel and inhumane politics.”

Let’s break all this down really quickly…

We can go back to the days of the Obama administration, where, in 2014, there was an unexpected surge at the border, which included 60,000 unaccompanied minors.

This was a direct result of Obama’s DACA plan, which was put into place and touted by the entire administration, including Joe Biden, then-vice president, and Hillary Clinton, who was serving as Sec. of State at the time, as the humane answer to all of these children coming over the border.

All that program did was encourage parents to send their children over the border, knowing they would eventually get amnesty, and then the parents could come over via chain migration.

Let’s fast forward to the Biden administration, which has effectively opened the borders and allowed anyone and everyone to come in, with unprecedented numbers of gotaways, unaccompanied minors, and overall border encounters of illegal immigrants.

Rather than hold the right people accountable, Adams, as you saw above, is pointing the finger at Governor Abbott of Texas, but Abbott has only shipped about 33,000 migrants to New York City, and about 95,000 overall to Democrat sanctuary cities.

Since 2022, New York City has had about 161,000 migrants arrive, meaning that only 20% of the migrants are from Abbott, with the rest either arriving on their own, through a deal that Adams made with a Democrat border mayor, and via the federal government.

Quite frankly, it is a travesty that the media is not calling out Adams on this, hitting him with the fact that had Abbott not sent a single migrant his way, his city would still be running into issues.

Since Joe Biden took office, there have been 7.5 million migrant encounters nationwide, 6.2 million of them at the southern border, so what does Adams propose? That Texas keep them all? It’s the United States, which means everyone gets to share the problem, especially cities that tout themselves as sanctuary cities and promote illegal immigrants joining their communities.

Mayor Adams, you are whining about 161,000 migrants, a total that Texas sees in just a few weeks, so please don’t expect your pleas to have any effect on Texans. If you want to point the blame, point it at Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

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