December 5, 2023

Adam Schiff Piles on Narrative that Trump Would Not Leave Office

It looks like we have one more Democrat that we can add to the fearmongering, gaslighting crowd regarding Donald Trump.

I am sure this name does not surprise anyone.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is giving up his House seat to run for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat, has stated that Trump would “absolutely” refuse to leave office if elected.

Here We Go Again

Remember when Schiff said that he had evidence of Russian collusion, but then failed to produce it during the impeachment hearing?

For more than two years, Schiff lied to the American people every time he was on camera to discuss Donald Trump.

Schiff was doing the media circuit this weekend when he sat down for an interview with former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, now a talking head for CNN.

Schiff stated, "[Cheney is] absolutely right that Donald Trump will never leave office voluntarily. He just won’t.”

This is the same person who said if Donald Trump was elected president, it would be the end of our democracy, but last time I checked, we are still intact.

Schiff’s fearmongering and gaslighting continued, "And if anybody has any doubt about that, they should look at what he tried to do in the last presidential election that he lost. But they should listen to what Donald Trump has to say today.

“He is making it clear again that when he loses, he will contest it. He will argue that it’s rigged and fraudulent. And he will terminate the Constitution if he’s allowed to.

"He’s also made it clear that whatever his plan is, to use the military domestically.

"He tried to do that when he was president. And so we need to take his threats seriously because we have seen him act on them.

“And this is who he is. ... I think part of what we are seeing also is his team told him that he is frightening people with all of these anti-democratic talk and plans. And he is never one to back down in any way, so his response is, 'I’m simply going to accuse them of what I’m doing.'"

So, let’s break all this down…

If Trump loses and says the system is rigged and fixed, so what, not to mention that Hillary Clinton has been saying that since she lost the election, the same way Al Gore complained after he lost to Bush.

Trump's whining and complaining will not change the outcome of the race, nor will it put him in the White House if he loses, as we found out in 2020.

I would love to know how Donald Trump can “terminate the Constitution,” as Schiff contends… that is literally never going to happen. There is not a single Republican, regardless of loyalty to Trump, that would allow that to happen.

In terms of Trump using the military against citizens to remain in power, show me one military leader that would follow such an order… just one.

Not a single word of what Schiff is saying has the remote chance of ever coming true other than Trump complaining about the outcome of the election if he does not win, just as every election loser has done for decades.

Schiff’s last line is priceless regarding Trump accusing Democrats of doing what he is doing because that is exactly what Democrats have been doing to him since he came down that escalator.

Please, Mr. Schiff… go away.

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