Jalyn Ignacio
January 23, 2024

Actor Jamie Dornan rushed to hospitalized after experiencing ‘heart attack symptoms'

In an extraordinary turn of events, actor Jamie Dornan and his friend Gordon Smart experienced what initially appeared to be heart attack symptoms during a recent vacation, leading to a surprising medical discovery.

Jamie Dornan and Gordon Smart's vacation in Portugal took a drastic turn when they both suffered severe health symptoms, later discovered to be caused by toxic caterpillars.

The incident unfolded at a golfing resort in Portugal last year. Dornan, known for his roles in films and TV series, was enjoying a leisurely vacation with Smart. However, what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway quickly spiraled into a medical emergency.

Early Symptoms Misinterpreted as Heart Attacks

Smart first felt unusual tingling and tickling sensations in his left hand and arm, which he feared were signs of a heart attack. Following this, Dornan also started experiencing numbness in his limbs. Both incidents occurred just one day into their vacation, raising alarms about their health.

Initially, the two friends thought that the symptoms were a consequence of excessive drinking. This assumption was soon proven wrong as their condition worsened, prompting a visit to the hospital. There, under medical care, they underwent examinations to determine the cause of their symptoms.

Unusual Culprit: Toxic Processionary Caterpillars

It was later revealed that the true cause of their distress was far from what anyone had expected. Contact with processionary caterpillars, known for their toxic nature, was identified as the source of their health issues. These caterpillars, found in southern Portugal, can cause severe skin, eye, and throat irritations.

Gordon Smart, recalling the frightful experience, emphasized the severity of the situation. He described how quickly one's mind can jump to conclusions in such circumstances.

“Now, I’m a fairly healthy guy but once you start thinking, you’re having a heart attack, you’re pretty sure that you’re convincing yourself that you are having one," Smart said.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, there was a lighter moment during Dornan's hospital release. As Dornan was being wheeled out, the paramedics requested a selfie with him, showcasing a bizarre blend of celebrity culture and emergency healthcare.

Doctor's Revelation Brings Clarity

It wasn't until a week after the incident that a doctor informed Smart about the possible caterpillar-related cause of their symptoms. This revelation shed light on the puzzling situation, highlighting the dangers posed by the seemingly harmless caterpillars.

Smart, reflecting on the doctor's call, shared the unexpected diagnosis.

“The following week, the doctor called me and said that the pair’s symptoms might have been caused by toxic caterpillars,” he recounted.

Smart further elaborated on the perilous nature of these caterpillars. He explained how they have been a cause of concern on golf courses in southern Portugal, affecting not just humans but also animals.

Reflections on a Life-Threatening Encounter

This experience was a stark reminder for both Dornan and Smart about the unpredictability of health crises. Smart humorously remarked that it was neither a caffeine overdose nor a hangover, but rather an encounter with poisonous caterpillars that led to their hospitalization.

Following the incident, Page Six reached out to Dornan's representatives for further comments, indicating the widespread interest in this unusual story. The representatives have yet to respond with additional information.

The incident has since sparked discussions about the lesser-known dangers present in everyday environments, such as golf courses. Dornan and Smart's experience serves as a cautionary tale about the unexpected risks one might encounter in seemingly safe spaces.

  • Jamie Dornan and Gordon Smart suffered severe health symptoms during a vacation in Portugal.
  • The symptoms were initially mistaken for heart attacks but were later identified as reactions to toxic processionary caterpillars.
  • Both were hospitalized and released after the unusual cause of their symptoms was discovered.
  • Smart reflected on the incident, underscoring the severity and unexpected nature of the encounter.
  • The incident highlights the hidden dangers in everyday environments and the importance of awareness.
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