Ryan E.
December 5, 2022

Actor James Woods: Liberals Have "Flipped Their Views"

Actor James Woods, who was recently revealed to have been a target of undercover liberal censorship on Twitter, has a message for liberals in regards to the now-controversial social network:


You see, liberals were all too happy to let the executives at Twitter do their thing a few years ago. That's because liberals were the ones calling the shots.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his team were heavily biased toward liberals, as Elon Musk's recent data dump from the last regime confirms.

Back then, when liberals were controlling the narrative, they were all too happy to call Twitter a private site and keep operating.

Now that Elon Musk has pledged transparency?

Liberals are FURIOUS. James Woods wants America to know it's because liberals know they're losing the power. And they'll kick and scream on their way out the door. There's nothing wrong with the new Twitter. They just liked the old one better, because there WAS something wrong with it.

"Back when they had the power on Twitter, the Democrats were happy to say, well, it’s a private site. It’s not like it’s a town square, they can say whatever they want. But they’re not saying it now that Elon Musk owns it. But it was, in fact, the town square. It was, in fact, a forum for free speech. And if you have a town square where only some people are allowed to use it, then you don’t really have a free country. We know in this country what it was like when certain citizens weren’t allowed to speak, when they had to step off the sidewalk because a person with different skin color was walking down the street. And I’m not going to compare anything to what black people in America went through because there is no comparison."

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